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Four Important Considerations When You Purchase Boat Insurance

If you own any type of watercraft, you should have boat insurance. Oak Ridge Insurance Services is an insurance company that provides boat insurance. If you own a boat and live in the Oak Ridge, NC area, you can speak with us about the boat insurance coverage options we provide.

Here are four important factors to consider when purchasing boat insurance:

The Waters Through Which You Will Travel

One of the most important things boat owners should know about insurance is that it is typically limited to specific navigation territories. When you buy boat insurance, you should tell the insurance company where you intend to use your watercraft so that your boat is covered whenever you use it.

The Value Of The Boat That’s Being Insured

When it comes to collision coverage for your boat insurance policy, you should purchase enough coverage to cover the full value of your watercraft in case you need to file a claim. 

The Seasons During Which The Boat Is Used

Many boat owners use their vessels only during certain months of the year. If you keep your boat in storage for the majority of the year, you should talk to your boat insurance provider about it. You may be able to pause coverage or pay lower premiums during the months when your boat is in storage.

The Types of Coverage to Include

Boat insurance coverage options include collision, liability, fuel spill, and wreckage removal. You must decide what types of coverage you want in your policy.

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Allow us to assist you in meeting your boat insurance needs in Oak Ridge, NC. If you contact Oak Ridge Insurance Services, we can provide you with a quote for boat insurance.

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