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4 Boat Insurance Must-Know Tips Before A Day On The Water

Buying that boat was a lifelong dream come true! Before you set sail, you will need to bring along more than sunscreen for a day on the water. There is much more to boating than climbing aboard.

The knowledgeable and helpful agents at Oak Ridge Insurance Services want to share some important must-know tips about boat insurance. Here are 4 boat insurance must-know tips before a day on the water.

  1. Get boat insurance before you hit the water. You will need to know the size, type value of the boat for your agent to determine what type of insurance and how much you will need. Some small boats may be covered under a homeowner’s policy. While large yachts or speed boats will need a separate policy.
  2. What does boat insurance cover for an Oak Ridge, NC boat owner? Boat insurance policies will pay the cost to replace a vessel less depreciation. A partial or total loss will be calculated differently. Policies typically cover theft, bodily injury, liability, medical, towing, trailer and accessories, and loss or theft of belongings.
  3. Safety First – Always follow best practices for boat safety. Watch your speed, watch the weather, and never drive while drinking too much alcohol.
  4. You May Qualify For A Discount – Always ask if there are discounts that you qualify for. For instance, if you have ship-to-shore radios or Coast Guard-approved fire extinguishers, you may qualify. If you are operating a diesel-powered boat, it is not as dangerous as a gasoline-powered one. If you have taken boating education classes or have years of experience you may have earned a discount as well.

Make sure you’re covered before you hit the water. Contact Oak Ridge Insurance Services serving Oak Ridge, NC before you set sail.

How to Enforce Your Boat Safety Plan in Oak Ridge

A boat safety plan in Oak Ridge, NC is only good if people know how to use it. If you have a watercraft, Oak Ridge Insurance Services has a few tips so that you can feel a little safer every time you take it off the shore. 

Think About Who Will Need It 

You have to consider who needs to know about your boat safety plan before deciding how to enforce it. If you bring friends out, they’re going to have very different needs than your 6-year old child. When it comes to your family, the best way to enforce an emergency drill is to have them go over it as many times as possible. People should know where life preservers are, how to call for help, and what to do in the case of an injury. 

Map It Out 

You can’t possibly account for every scenario, but you can think of the most common. For example, if another vessel hits you, what would be the most likely steps you’d need to take? How can you make it back to safety if you’re hit with an unexpected rainstorm? The more questions you answer beforehand, the easier it should be to handle unexpected twists and turns in Oak Ridge, NC.

Think About Your Boat Insurance Carrier 

Some people are good in a crisis, and they expect that know-how to carry them through. But the water can be a much more dangerous place than people give it credit for. If you’re looking for the right partner who can help you prepare before the worst occurs, call Oak Ridge Insurance Services today. We can make it easier to develop the right plan and get better coverage at the same time. 

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