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Can Auto Insurance Replace a Stolen Vehicle?

If your vehicle has been stolen, our team at Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC knows that you probably have a million thoughts running through your head. From “How did this happen to me?” to “How am I going to pay for another vehicle?” the questions that come up in the process of recovering from auto theft can leave you reeling and stressed out.

After you’ve had some time to think about it, you might also become overwhelmed by all of the unexpected items on your to-do list. A new car isn’t cheap in most cases, so it makes total sense that you’d worry about how you’ll be able to afford a new vehicle when your car has fallen into the hands of a car thief. 

Thankfully, you might be able to cover some or all of the costs of replacing your stolen vehicle if you have an auto insurance policy that provides that kind of coverage. Since we don’t know your specific situation or policies, we can only offer general ideas of what your insurance policy might cover. For more detailed information, you can always call our office or visit us.

Can Auto Insurance Replace a Stolen Vehicle?

Depending on your insurance policy for your car, you might be able to use it to help offset the costs of the new vehicle. If you have minimum liability coverage, it’s unlikely that your auto insurance policy covers a stolen vehicle’s replacement. On the other hand, if you have comprehensive coverage, you’re more likely to have coverage related to replacing a stolen vehicle included in your car insurance policy.

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Do I need auto liability insurance if my car is paid for?

Auto liability insurance is required in almost every state. However, drivers are often confused about the purpose of auto liability insurance. Liability insurance is designed to cover property damage, personal injury, and damage to someone else’s car. It’s not designed to cover your car, personal injuries, or property.

If you want coverage for your car, you will need to purchase insurance for your car. Our Oak Ridge, NC team at Oak Ridge Insurance Services can help insurance people get the coverage they need to meet their unique needs.

Liability vs Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

Most states require drivers to carry auto liability insurance. All North Carolina drivers must carry liability insurance. However, liability coverage is designed to protect the other driver when you cause an accident or personal injury. Liability provides no personal injury or property damage coverage for you or your car. 

Conversely, full coverage auto insurance covers both you and other drivers. Full coverage insurance includes liability coverage as well as coverage for your car and personal injuries. Full coverage insurance also includes coverage for theft, vandalism, and some natural disasters. 

Do I need auto liability insurance if my car is paid for?

Yes. You still need liability insurance if your car is paid for. Liability insurance doesn’t cover damage, personal injury, or property damage for you, but instead for the other driver. It has no benefit beyond liability protection for you.

However, if you finance your car, your lender will more than likely require you to carry both liability insurance as well as full coverage insurance to protect your car. Auto liability insurance is required in most states. However, it provides no coverage beyond liability protection for the driver.

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What kind of insurance do I need to legally drive in North Carolina?

Drivers who want to legally drive in the state of North Carolina must meet specific insurance requirements. Oak Ridge Insurance Services is committed to helping all Oak Ridge, NC residents obtain the auto insurance needed to legally drive within the state. As with most states, all North Carolina drivers must meet the state minimum auto insurance requirements before they can operate a vehicle on the streets, roads, and highways of NC. 

North Carolina Auto Insurance Requirements

North Carolina residents must carry auto liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage, in addition to uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Bodily injury liability coverage must be maintained in the amount of $30K per person and $60K per accident. Property damage coverage must meet the state minimum coverage requirements in the amount of $25K. 

The state minimum requirements for uninsured/underinsured motorists must be maintained at $30K per person and $60K per accident, just like bodily injury liability insurance.’ Uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage must be maintained at $25K for property damage. Uninsured/underinsured motorists’ insurance is designed to pay medical bills if you or anyone in your car is injured in an auto accident with another uninsured or underinsured driver. This insurance will also pay for any repairs to your car as a result of the damage caused by an accident. 

Other Considerations

North Carolina drivers should also understand that failure to maintain the state minimum auto insurance requirements can result in fines and other punitive measures. Once your insurance lapses, your insurance company is required to report the lapse to the DMV. From that point, you have ten days to reinstate your insurance or obtain new auto insurance to meet the state minimum requirement and provide proof of coverage to the DMV. If you have questions regarding what’s legally required to operate a vehicle in NC, give us a call. Our team at Oak Ridge Insurance Services is standing by.


Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

Auto insurance adds a lot of protection to your vehicle. But does that protection extend to a rental vehicle?  As more and more people decide the time is right to head out for a vacation, that question comes up quite frequently. At Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC, we are independent insurance agents and that means we work for you, not the insurance companies. We can offer you more choices and customize your policy to your particular needs. 

Whether or not your auto insurance covers a rental vehicle depends on the type of insurance that you have on your own vehicle. If you have basic coverage, which is strictly liability coverage, it is going to partially cover you but not completely. The reality is, if you are comfortable with the amount of liability coverage that you have on your vehicle, then you won’t need liability coverage on a rental vehicle. 

More importantly, is whether or not your auto insurance will cover the vehicle you are renting. You need to have collision and comprehensive coverage to be fully protected and the car rental company will need to see proof that you have that coverage. You can opt to accept the collision damage waiver which is offered by the rental car company. This takes away the stress and worry of whether you will need to pay for any small or major repair that could result from even a minor fender bender. 

You can also check with your credit card company to see if you have car rental coverage. This is an option that you may not have even considered. Generally speaking, if you have full coverage on your personal auto insurance policy, it will cover a rental car. 

Contact Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC when you want to discuss your auto insurance needs. 

Who needs an auto insurance plan?

When you are in the Oak Ridge, NC area, you will have many local amenities that you can enjoy. To ensure that you can enjoy them as conveniently as possible, it would be a good idea to get a proper insurance plan for your vehicle. There are many scenarios when someone here is going to need to get an auto insurance plan. 

Those that Have Taken Out Financing

A situation that will call for someone to have a specific type of auto insurance comes when they take out a loan to buy the car. Financing the purchase of a vehicle with an auto loan is quite common. Those that do have a loan need to follow the rules set by the auto lender. This will usually include requiring that the car owners have a full collision and comprehensive insurance plan.

Those that Want to Drive Legally

If you are in this state and want to drive your car legally, you will need to have an auto insurance plan in place. This state requires that all borrowers maintain full liability insurance as long as they drive on a public road. If you do not have this coverage in place and are caught without it, you could face a serious penalty. 

As you are looking for an insurance plan in the Oak Ridge, NC area, you should call Oak Ridge Insurance Services. The team with Oak Ridge Insurance Services knows how valuable this type of insurance coverage is. We can help you by answering all of your questions and providing the guidance and support you need to build and choose a new insurance plan. Reach out to our office to get started.

Who needs auto insurance in North Carolina?

For those that live in the Greensboro or Oak Ridge, NC area, there is a wide variety of forms of insurance that are needed. One type of insurance that many people here need to get is auto insurance, which will provide you with protection for your vehicle and driving liability risk. There are several situations when someone will need to get this form of insurance. 

Anyone with an Auto Loan Needs Coverage

Buying a car is a big purchase that often requires the buyer to take out a loan to finance the purchase. If this is the case for you, it is essential to understand your insurance obligations. Any car owner with a loan will be required to carry auto insurance that has a fully comprehensive policy. Most of the time, you will also be required to have a minimum deductible as well as it helps to ensure you are able to repair or replace the vehicle when needed. 

Those Driving on Public Roads Need Coverage

Driving a car on a public road in the state of North Carolina also comes with insurance obligations. All drivers need to make sure that they have a full auto liability policy, which ensures that they are covered for damages they cause in an accident. Those that do not have this coverage could face a variety of penalties, which could include the loss of licensure. 

Choosing an auto insurance policy is always a big decision. When you are looking for a new policy in the Greensboro or Oak Ridge, NC area, you should call Oak Ridge Insurance Services. The team at Oak Ridge Insurance Services can help you to figure out what type of insurance you need to have. They can then help you build a policy that provides ample coverage and ensures full compliance. 

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