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Covering Funeral and Burial Expenses with Life Insurance

Funeral and burial expenses around Oak Ridge, NC can impose a hardship and financial strain on families during death. However, life insurance provides a valuable solution to alleviate these expenses and ensure loved ones can honor the deceased without financial strain for the funeral and the bills from the estate.

Financial Relief During a Difficult Time

Life insurance policies pay a death benefit to beneficiaries upon the insured individual’s passing. This lump sum payment can cover various end-of-life expenses, including funeral and burial costs. The funeral director usually handles these arrangements.

It can cover funeral service arrangements, such as the cost of the casket, embalming, and funeral home services. It can also cover burial plot purchases and cemetery fees. The choice is available for in-ground, above-ground, or mausoleum drawers. Different cemeteries have different costs. 

Life insurance proceeds offer families the financial resources to arrange a dignified farewell for their loved ones. Its ultimate goal is to smooth the process because those left behind suffer immensely. 

Alleviating Emotional Stress

Life insurance can help alleviate the emotional strain of financial worries during a difficult time. It gives the family time to focus on those left behind in the immediate family without the added stress of worrying about how to cover funeral expenses.

Determining Adequate Coverage

When purchasing life insurance, it’s essential to consider the coverage needed to adequately cover funeral and burial expenses. Factors such as funeral preferences, burial plot costs, and additional funeral-related expenses should be considered. Remember, you’re not alone in this process. 

Let Oak Ridge Insurance Services Give You Information

Oak Ridge Insurance Services is here to assist you with all your life insurance queries and requirements. We’re dedicated to serving the Oak Ridge, NC, region. Reach out to us today.

I just paid off my car. Should I drop full coverage auto insurance?

Auro insurance can protect you, other drivers, their property, and your vehicle. However, this is heavily dependent on the type of auto insurance you carry. More often than not, many drivers question how much insurance is necessary and at what point adjustments should be made to coverage levels. An insurance agent is usually the best person to ask when you have questions regarding your sp[specific situation. This is why our Oak Ridge Insurance Services team is dedicated to educating Oak Ridge, NC drivers about their auto insurance options. 

What type of auto insurance is legally required to drive your car?

All drivers must carry auto liability insurance. This insurance provides coverage for other drivers, their properties, and vehicles if you cause an accident. However, this form of coverage doesn’t offer any coverage for you and may not be adequate, depending on your situation. If you have an auto loan, your lender generally requires you to carry more than auto liability insurance. Instead, you’re required to invest in full coverage auto insurance, which will protect your car, your property, and you from personal injury and damage, as well as other drivers.

I just paid off my car. Should I drop full coverage auto insurance?

It depends. If you own a late-model car, it’s likely that your car’s value still exceeds the value of your insurance policy, making it a worthwhile investment. This also means that your insurance company will repair any damage your car may incur. Many drivers wouldn’t be prepared to pay for car damage out of pocket. Car insurance makes repairing your car more affordable. Aside from a deductible, that’s all a car owner pays to have their car repaired. However, once you pay off your car, you may question if full coverage auto insurance is still a good investment. If you own an older car that is likely worth less than your auto policy, it may be a good idea to carry the minimum auto insurance required. If you’re in an accident, your insurance company would probably consider your car a total loss and opt not to repair it because its value is less than your policy. However, an insurance agent can help you determine your best option. Give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Customer Injuries?

At Oak Ridge Insurance Services, we pride ourselves on delivering the best commercial insurance solutions to meet your expectations. Our professionals, based in Oak Ridge, NC, are well-versed in commercial insurance, and we always strive to serve you with leading standards. Contact us today for the finest and most affordable services.

Understanding Commercial Insurance Coverage

In determining whether customer injuries are covered by commercial insurance, it is wise to consult a reliable provider like Oak Ridge Insurance Services. While the scope of commercial insurance policies can vary significantly, they generally offer liability protection that may cover injuries that occur during business operations. However, the exact details of coverage, exclusions, and limitations could vary based on the policy and the insurer.

Ensuring Effective Protection for Your Business

Business owners should be mindful when reviewing their insurance policies to ensure they understand the extent of coverage for customer injuries and whether they have the necessary protection. Partnering with a trustworthy insurance agency such as Oak Ridge Insurance Service helps navigate the complexities of commercial insurance, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that safeguard their interests and finances.

Get Top-Notch Commercial Insurance at Oak Ridge Insurance Services

Our Oak Ridge Insurance Services team in Oak Ridge, NC, is committed to delivering exceptional commercial insurance services tailored to your specific requirements. We strive for quality and excellence and ensure your business is in good hands with our professional and trustworthy team. Reach out to us today and experience the difference we can make for your business.

Things home insurance doesn’t cover

Understanding Home Insurance Exclusions

A comprehensive home insurance plan can provide peace of mind, but it is crucial to be aware of the exclusions within your policy. At Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC, we prioritize our customers by offering tailored solutions that are the best fit for them.

Typical Exclusions of Home Insurance

Certain eventualities aren’t covered under traditional home insurance, including:

  • External Flooding: Flooding that originates outside your home does not fall under the purview of standard home insurance. However, you will be covered for flooding resulting from internal issues, such as broken pipes. Homeowners in risk-prone areas can opt for flood insurance from the NFIP.
  • Wear and Tear: It’s natural for elements of your house, like roofs and siding, to experience wear and tear over time. Unfortunately, these aren’t covered under most home insurance policies.
  • Natural Disasters: Damage due to earthquakes, sinkholes, or landslides isn’t typically covered by regular home insurance policies. Specific policies can be taken for these.
  • Owner Neglect: If damage is caused due to neglected home maintenance, your home insurance is unlikely to cover it.

To find the right coverage for your home, reach out to Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC. Allow us to assist you in finding comprehensive and suitable home insurance.

What Is Classic Car Insurance? What Owners Should Know

Classic car insurance is a specialized policy specifically covering classic and collector cars. In addition to vehicles declared as classics, these policies can often insure vintage motorcycles, street rods, old military vehicles, and exotic cars. Here are some things owners should know when purchasing classic auto insurance.

What Classic Car Insurance Policies Cover

Here are things usually covered by standard classic car policies.

  • Physical Damage To Your Auto: Policies cover theft, comprehensive, and collision coverage. However, rather than facing depreciation, you’ll receive what’s known as an agreed-upon insured value minus the deductible.
  • Injuries & Damage Caused to Others: Classic auto insurance provides at least the state’s required minimum liability coverage.
  • Roadside Assistance: While optional, classic car insurance programs and soft strap flatbed towing cover the standards.

What is the Agreed Value for Classic Car Insurance?

The agreed-upon value is an amount that you and your insurer decide your car is worth prior to the issuance of the policy. The vehicle will be evaluated, and if you’ve made modifications, restorations, or customizations, be sure to tell your agent. This allows them to factor those into the value. You can also bring in an estimated value from a pro to show your insurer.

Some Special Circumstances to Consider

If you drive the vehicle for everyday purposes, you’ll need a standard policy, as there are often mileage restrictions on classic car policies. There may also be specific storage requirements, so your insurer is likely to inquire whether you store the vehicle in a driveway, covered shelter, or an enclosed structure like a storage unit or lockable garage.

Contact Us To Learn More About Classic Car Insurance

Our Oak Ridge, NC, representatives can assist you with finding the right policy for your vintage or classic car. Contact Oak Ridge Insurance Services to get a no-obligation quote today.

Adding Loss of Use Coverage to Your Renters Policy

At Oak Ridge Insurance Services, we try to educate our clients on the insurance choices they can make to protect their Oak Ridge, NC, homes and belongings. We’ve previously mentioned the loss of use coverage in our blogs, but today, we’ll explore what this crucial optional coverage provides.

Loss of Use in a Renters Insurance Policy

Adding loss of use (LOU) coverage to a renter’s policy adds coverage that pays for extra financial costs if the home you rent incurs damage from a covered hazard that precludes you from living there temporarily. Loss of use provides payments for the cost of a hotel, motel, or other temporary domicile while the home you rent gets repaired. It also offers a per diem or a flat rate for food that covers the added expense of dining out. Some loss of use coverage also provides money for:

  • Moving costs
  • Storage costs
  • Laundry expenses
  • Boarding your pet(s)
  • Added parking and gas expenses.

LOU only covers additional costs you incur while not living in your home.


Consumers sometimes confuse LOU with additional living expenses (ALE). ALE typically covers any reason the home becomes unusable, such as a house fire, and provides more extended coverage.

Adding LOU to Your Renters Insurance

Your landlord probably does a lot to protect your Oak Ridge, NC, home, but you protect your finances and personal property with a renters’ policy. Contact Oak Ridge Insurance Services today to add loss of use coverage to your renter’s policy. Let us help you customize your renters’ insurance, so your policy provides you with the necessary coverage.

Top 3 Maintenance Practices for Your Boat When You Store It This Winter

As the winter months creep up and the water gets too cold to take the boat out, you are probably preparing the boat to go into storage. Before you lock it away for the next few months, some maintenance practices will protect it over the winter in Oak Ridge, NC. 

1. Flush Your Coolant System

You do not want the coolant to stay in the system over the winter. If it sits, it could freeze and cause damage to the system when you try to operate the boat. Because it is spending time sitting stagnant, it can also create corrosion that needs to be replaced in the Spring. 

2. Give It An Oil Change

After you flush your coolant system in your boat, make sure you give it an oil change so that the oil in the boat is fresh and does not have unwanted debris sitting all winter. A clean oil filter will also reduce the amount of corrosion and protect the boat against build-up when the weather is the coldest. 

3. Add In The Fuel Stabilizer

The last thing you need to do before you put the cover over the boat and lock it away is to add a bottle of fuel stabilizer to the tank. This will protect the fuel inside the gas tank and keep it from engine damage from developing when you crank it up the first time. All these maintenance practices together will keep the engine and mechanical parts of the boat protected, saving you a lot of money and extending the engine’s longevity.

If you are looking for boat insurance in the area, contact our agents today at Oak Ridge Insurance Services for a quote that fits your needs. 

What are the Key Benefit of Umbrella Insurance?

Do you live, work, or play in and around Oak Ridge, NC, and are looking for an effective way to enhance your current liability insurance? If so, an umbrella policy might be an innovative and affordable solution. According to the insurance professionals at Oak Ridge Insurance Services, the fundamental purpose for obtaining umbrella insurance is the extra protection it offers regarding the coverage of legal costs and resulting damages that exceed the upper limits of existing insurance policies.

More specifically –

  • Umbrella Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is activated when an insured individual reaches the limits of an existing policy.  
  • Umbrella Insurance provides a practical option that allows someone to safeguard their financial future.

Umbrella Insurance – The Key Benefits

Because umbrella insurance adds liability coverage over and above the limits of existing insurance policies – i.e., an auto, home, or boat insurance policy, it provides enhanced protection (and peace of mind) against unanticipated and disastrous events.

Umbrella insurance is typically available in various or optional coverage limits, which usually begin at one million dollars and increase incrementally. Consider the following when shopping for umbrella insurance –  

Your Exposure to Risk

Do you have an asset or property that creates a larger liability risk? Is the property an investment? Does it have a pool? Is the insured a business owner?

Potential Legal Expenses

Umbrella insurance provides coverage for expenses/damages related to litigation and other legal matters should the insured be found to be legally responsible.

Reach Out To Us

One’s need for umbrella insurance varies based on your personal situation and objectives. For more information, North Carolina residents should contact Oak Ridge Insurance Services, a leading Oak Ridge, NC insurance company today.

When should you review your life insurance coverage

Like many types of insurance, life insurance needs to be reviewed from time to time to make sure that it is keeping up with the events in your life. At Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC, we are here for our customers to help them have the coverage that they need to protect the ones they love. 

When should you review your life insurance coverage

When you buy a house

When you take on a mortgage, you don’t want to leave your family the responsibility of paying for your house if anything happens to you. Being that much in debt could be a real hardship for the ones you leave behind. 

When you change employers

You may get life insurance as one of the benefits of your employment. This is under the control of your employer. When you change employers in some cases, you can opt to take life insurance with you. It may not be the best-priced policy for you to keep. If you get another life policy from your new employer, you should consider it a bonus and acquire a policy of your own that won’t go away with every job change. 

When you get married

When you get married, you need to review your life insurance to check the beneficiary, and in most cases, you will change it so that your new partner is the one who will receive the benefit. 

When you add dependents

With each additional child, you should review your life insurance to make sure that you have enough to protect your children so that they can remain in the home they are used to. 

Consult With Us

At Oak Ridge Insurance Services we offer the residents of Oak Ridge, NC the benefit of our experience and expertise. As an independent insurance agency, we are also able to offer more choices. 

Can Auto Insurance Replace a Stolen Vehicle?

If your vehicle has been stolen, our team at Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC knows that you probably have a million thoughts running through your head. From “How did this happen to me?” to “How am I going to pay for another vehicle?” the questions that come up in the process of recovering from auto theft can leave you reeling and stressed out.

After you’ve had some time to think about it, you might also become overwhelmed by all of the unexpected items on your to-do list. A new car isn’t cheap in most cases, so it makes total sense that you’d worry about how you’ll be able to afford a new vehicle when your car has fallen into the hands of a car thief. 

Thankfully, you might be able to cover some or all of the costs of replacing your stolen vehicle if you have an auto insurance policy that provides that kind of coverage. Since we don’t know your specific situation or policies, we can only offer general ideas of what your insurance policy might cover. For more detailed information, you can always call our office or visit us.

Can Auto Insurance Replace a Stolen Vehicle?

Depending on your insurance policy for your car, you might be able to use it to help offset the costs of the new vehicle. If you have minimum liability coverage, it’s unlikely that your auto insurance policy covers a stolen vehicle’s replacement. On the other hand, if you have comprehensive coverage, you’re more likely to have coverage related to replacing a stolen vehicle included in your car insurance policy.

To learn more about how Oak Ridge Insurance Services in Oak Ridge, NC can help you protect your vehicle, call our office today!

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