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Top 3 Maintenance Practices for Your Boat When You Store It This Winter

As the winter months creep up and the water gets too cold to take the boat out, you are probably preparing the boat to go into storage. Before you lock it away for the next few months, some maintenance practices will protect it over the winter in Oak Ridge, NC. 

1. Flush Your Coolant System

You do not want the coolant to stay in the system over the winter. If it sits, it could freeze and cause damage to the system when you try to operate the boat. Because it is spending time sitting stagnant, it can also create corrosion that needs to be replaced in the Spring. 

2. Give It An Oil Change

After you flush your coolant system in your boat, make sure you give it an oil change so that the oil in the boat is fresh and does not have unwanted debris sitting all winter. A clean oil filter will also reduce the amount of corrosion and protect the boat against build-up when the weather is the coldest. 

3. Add In The Fuel Stabilizer

The last thing you need to do before you put the cover over the boat and lock it away is to add a bottle of fuel stabilizer to the tank. This will protect the fuel inside the gas tank and keep it from engine damage from developing when you crank it up the first time. All these maintenance practices together will keep the engine and mechanical parts of the boat protected, saving you a lot of money and extending the engine’s longevity.

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